2016 Registration is now open! 9/24/16

Canary Challenge – September 24th, 2016


About the Canary Challenge

The Canary Challenge is an annual cycling event and 5km walk/run that starts and ends at Hewlett Packard Enterprise located at 3000 Hanover Street in Palo Alto, California. Each year, our dedicated participants fundraise to benefit early cancer detection research.  The proceeds they raise go towards the Canary Foundation.

About the Canary Foundation

Founded in 2004, the Canary Foundation is the world’s first non-profit organization dedicated solely to the funding, discovery and development of tests for early cancer detection.

The Canary Foundation was instrumental in creating the Canary Center at Stanford and the Center of Excellence at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center where Canary Research Teams are building a cancer-detection platform that promises to be the answer to next- generation cancer care worldwide. Learn more about the Canary Foundation at canaryfoundation.org.


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2016 Goal

$1,000,000 Goal

Top Teams

  1. Agilent Technologies $35,930.00
  2. Canary Peeps $34,500.08
  3. VMware $32,010.00
  4. NetSuite $30,412.00
  5. The Canary Center Team $27,553.73
  6. Avaya $24,293.85
  7. Menlo Bike Club $23,880.81
  8. Xray Ninjas $23,760.00
  9. Team ROAR (Pacific Urban Residential) $20,710.50
  10. C100 $19,392.00

Top Individuals

  1. Pat Gelsinger $23,425.00
  2. Julie Kaufman $12,404.00
  3. James Harris $11,502.73
  4. Andrew Valentine $11,185.00
  5. Kevin Talbot $10,601.00
  6. Ryan Knotts $9,178.22
  7. Steve Ciesinski $7,620.00
  8. Carmen Seremeta $6,985.00
  9. Frederick Chin $5,675.01
  10. Parag Mallick $5,350.00


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