$7K Club

New in 2017!

Our 7K Club will be comprised of Canary Challenge participants who raise a minimum of $7,000 for cancer early detection research. There are no limits to who can join. Anyone from newbies to experienced fundraisers, walkers to cyclists are welcome to become a part of this elite group.

The 7K Club is our way of recognizing an elite group of dedicated fundraisers. Just to give you an idea of how spectacular this group is – in 2016, only 2% of participants raised $7,000 or more, but their fundraising efforts constituted 15% of the total amount raised. By surpassing this threshold, 7K Club members help keep the cost of fundraising low and ensure that the most money possible goes to cancer early detection research.

Each participant who joins the ranks of this elite group of fundraisers will receive a special Canary 7K Club jacket in addition to the standard fundraising perks.