Fundraising Tips

How to Raise $400 in 5 Days

  1. Donate $50 to yourself
  2. Ask your housemate/spouse/partner or best friend to donate $50
  3. Ask two relatives to donate $50 each
  4. Ask two friends to donate $50 each
  5. Ask two neighbors or colleagues to donate $50 each

More Fundraising Ideas

  • Talk enthusiastically about the event and your fundraising mission with a large group of family and friends in a social setting (i.e. family gathering, volleyball night, watching a hockey game, etc).
  • Be informed about the cause, the history and future of the event. This event raises funds for cancer early detection and exceptional cancer research and services at the Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection. All donations benefit the cause.
  • Don’t assume that someone can’t afford to give — ask all of your friends and family — they may have a personal reason for wanting to support you.
  • If you have a personal reason for participating in the Canary Challenge, personalize your fundraising efforts and let your friends know that you’re dedicating your participation to a loved one, honoring someone living with cancer, or giving back to the community that played part in your own cancer treatments.
  • Combine more than one fundraising idea at one event (i.e. 50/50 draw at a Karaoke night).
  • Be sure to advertise your fundraising events early and well (advertise a month and a half prior and send out email reminders every week).

Send an email or letter

Letter-writing campaigns are successful!  Write a letter or email individually to friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to let them know what you’re doing and ask them to donate to cancer research on your behalf.  And, always send a thank you note to your donors.

Check out our fundraising blog

In this blog, we’ll be providing insider fundraising tips for beginners as well as Challenge participants that want to kick their fundraising to the next level.

Check it out for guidance on reaching your $400 minimum fundraising requirement.