Meet the Team


Rohaj Puri - Director

"After working in Sales for 15 years in the Bay Area, I was deeply impacted by the loss of my father and mentor.  I decided it was time to pursue a career that gave me  satisfaction and allowed me to give back to the community. Once Canary Challenge came on my radar, I knew it was an organization I had to pursue. I saw a strong opportunity to take my experience in sales, my knowledge of Silicon Valley and my entrepreneurial drive and apply it all to a mission I believe in."

Rohaj has a strong background in sales and marketing. He has extensive experience building sales programs from the ground up and has focused on scalability for the organization and integrity within his teams. Rohaj’s work with the Canary Foundation will focus on the Canary Challenge; he strives to make the challenge a widespread event, that is easily accessible by all those who wish to participate, and provides a fun, safe environment for families.


Derek Smith - Marketing and Communications Manager

"I joined Canary because I was deeply impressed with the incredible achievements in research, development and fundraising that this unique organization has made. My role is to help bring awareness to our innovative foundation and to clearly communicate our goals and accomplishments in early cancer detection research."

Derek blends a background in journalism with years of hands-on marketing experience, giving him an ideal skill set to share the “Canary story” on a wide scale. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Indiana University and a master’s degree in digital communication and media. 


Jesse Murillo - Team and Development Manager

“I’m involved with Canary because I believe strongly in the foundation’s mission. I believe there will be a day when I can look back and say that I helped raise awareness and funds for early cancer detection tests that will be used in the medical field.”

Jesse’s role is specifically focused on growing the Canary Challenge. He’s responsible for recruiting corporate teams, seeking sponsorships and maintaining fundraising pages for participants. His goal is for everyone participating to realize that they are making a difference in the way cancer is approached. Jesse has a B.A. degree from San Diego State University.


Sadaf Majidi - Operations Coordinator

"My Grandmother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in the later stages after being misdiagnosed initially. She past away shortly after becoming aware of her condition. Learning Canary Foundation's mission to help with early detection of cancer struck a personal chord with me. It led me to take the next step and directly help with their mission."

Soon after graduating college, Sadaf was offered a position to work with the Canary Center at Stanford, which allowed her to combine her background in biology and chemistry with project management skills from past work experience. While at the Center, Sadaf collaborated closely with the Canary Foundation, an experience that gave her more insight on the its mission. It made her appreciative of the foundaton's dedication and hard work to help fundraise towards early cancer detection research.