Creating a team

Companies, friends and family, and departments or other groups within the Stanford community, are encouraged to participate, focusing on a common purpose – raising donations that go towards early cancer detection research.

We have four types of teams to choose from:

What makes a team?

A team consists of a minimum of 4 riders committed to fundraising $400 each and participating in one of the routes within the Canary Challenge: 5K, 50K, 50 mies, 75K and 100 miles.

Team support

Canary has put together a complete package of resources to assist teams in reaching their fundraising and training goals for the Canary Challenge.

Please contact us if you have questions about creating or organizing a new team.

Milan’s Team

Many of our participants create teams in memory of a loved one or a survivor. Milan’s Team was created when a group of students decided to honor their friend Milan Gambhir.