The Canary Mission

No one gets time back. And for those with cancer and their families, that can be devastating.

Participants of the Canary Challenge are helping to do something about that.

Because all proceeds of the Canary Challenge benefit the Canary Foundation, the world’s first nonprofit focused solely on early cancer detection, each rider can help our mission of stopping cancer early. In the past, their fundraising dollars have helped support cutting-edge research at world-class facilities, impactful clinical programs, and successful spinouts of diagnostic companies.

The Canary Foundation is based on a results-only business approach that focuses on cross-disciplinary collaborations and partnerships with renowned researchers, scientists and global institutions such as the Canary Center at Stanford and the Center of Excellence at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center—two centers that the Canary Foundation was instrumental in creating.

We are building a cancer-detection platform that promises to be the answer to next- generation cancer care worldwide. By reorienting research toward early detection, we believe great advances in cancer research will finally take place, and save untold lives and resources while improving quality of life worldwide.

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Your fundraising supports innovation

The Canary Center at Stanford brings together some of the best minds in cancer research and is a groundbreaking model for future early cancer detection centers.